Hair of the…

November 18, 2016


Hair of the...

That old dog

Still trying to get over that wall

Concrete claw marks

Like tallies in a prison cell


That old dog,

He’s back at it again

Back at his desk

Pushing ink

Pulling out new tricks


Doesn’t matter if the world can’t hear him bark

Doesn’t matter if the world can’t feel him write


One day he’s gonna use the moon as a chew toy

He’s gonna bring down god from the sky



wherein lies victory

I want to be the wave that takes you by the ankles and spins you out to sea and leaves you stranded in the embrace of a riptide. I want to be like arms, endless arms, that wrap about you and hold you and leave you grasping and gasping. I want to engulf you like the last fire to breathe before the twilight of existence twinkles into black. I want to make you feel me underneath every inch of your tattered frame and I want you to only know my name. I want to take your fears and etch them on the backs of your eyelids to remind you of me everytime you close your eyes. I want to touch what’s at the pit of you and I want to know the syllables that make the prose of your soul. I want to be the words that shake and echo in your ears when you wake. I want to be the hymn you mouth, but do not whisper, as you try to fall asleep.



in a most peculiar way

and as the Earth floated away from me,

as the tiniest blue marble


like an un-anchored buoy

bouncing on a black wave,

i did my best to say goodbye

to everyone

starting from

the doctors who reached into the womb

and slapped life into me

all the way on up to the engineers who bid me farewell


i asked mission control to be brave for me

i asked to not hear their tears

i asked for silence

as the abyss asked

for me




the sound of light rain and burning leaves is the same

You called me the light in your darkness

But mirrors have their way of dispelling that rumor


I with skin the color of sand on the first rain in May

And you with skin like a home I know I’ve known


My light could be no further from your truth

But closer to the darkness that found us in youth


A kiss on the nakedness of your neck

Left your teeth to clatter

Like a million mouse clicks


When we remember those we hope

to never forget

It’ll be in those golden moments that left our eyes

Dripping wet:



swimming on that waterbed


a lifejacket for your confusion


Swam unsure of any shores


Content enough to just be.










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