January 29, 2019

Perfect Muse

Red lipped,
fat bottomed
dancing queen
with soft skin,

dark hair, child bearing hips.
Perfect groupie
danced front row
night after night,
through encores
‘til shows end,
waited patiently
by the back door.

Perfect lady ‘til last

call, behind closed


November 18, 2016

¡Te Extraño Mamá!

Cuando aprendía a caminar me ayudaste 
hasta el final. Cuando empecé a soñar 
me dijiste es una etapa genial… cuando empecé 
a crecer me dijiste no tengas miedo a creer. 
Cuando sepas que es amor sabrás que sólo alguien 
te tratará mejor, cuando te hag...

November 18, 2016

Hair of the...

That old dog

Still trying to get over that wall

Concrete claw marks

Like tallies in a prison cell

That old dog,

He’s back at it again

Back at his desk

Pushing ink

Pulling out new tricks

Doesn’t matter if the world can’t hear him bark

Doesn’t matter if the world can...

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